Service businesse


Broken glass? Don't worry it can be fixed



Business is defined as a person’s occupation or profession, it may be related to an individual or organization. Mainly there are three types of business:


  • Service business: this business offers services and products. Examples: saloon, repair, banks, schools etc.

  • Merchandising business: this is a buy and sell business, these businesses buy the products wholesale and sell them with retail price. Example: grocery store.

  • Manufacturing business: this business buys raw material and convert them in to products and sell it in the market. Example: manufacturing units, pharmaceutical industries


Hybrid business is mixture of more than one type of business. Example: dine n wine, food courts.

Repairing of car falls under service business. The first car was introduced in 1806, this car is composed of combustion engine (which will run on fuel gas) later there were many development and innovations like hand brakes, steering’s. And in 19th century there were many improvements and modern combustion engine was made. These developments have replaced animal carriages. In 1908 the cars are made of steel bodies and they are 4 seaters. There are many features introduced in 19th century like, electric starters for car, four wheel brakes were invented for safety, radios were introduced, sprig suspension was introduced for safety, power steering’s, cassette decks, catalytic tailpipe emissions are created which helps to clean car by itself, trackers, navigation system. And next several decades there were arrival of racing cars, luxury cars and plenty of car types. And the styling, size and perfection of car were also made. The cars were topless in past decades later the car was made in such a way that it looks like a closed cabin of four seats with doors and windows with window glasses and there will be a knob like thing which is attached to the door in order to operate the windows and then later the automatic switches were developed to open or shut the window of car.

In a car the car glass includes front glass, rear glass, car windows, and some cars have glass on roof. These windows can be raised or closing then all this can be done by clicking on a button, laminated glasses are being used as they do not break and they are strong enough.

problems for car window are:


  • All windows stop working simultaneously

  • Unusual sounds will be heard when operating

  • Window closes slowly or fail to open or close completely


Once I was going on a road trip with my family in summer, it was a highway and the speed of our car is maximum. And due to speed of car on the road there is a pressure created between tier of car and surface of road so that a stone has jumped and fallen on my windshield so hard that it got a crack on it, as it is a small crack we did not notice much and we reached our destination and completed our work and stayed there around 3 days.

The other day early in the afternoon to return back home. We started and did not pay much attention towards the crack it is small. After heading to certain distance, we heard loud pop sound and we notice that our wind shield has shattered and we are confused how it got broken. We are scared and our thoughts have got worsen as it is highway and we couldn’t see any help even after 2 hours, then in sudden I remembered about the site which once I have seen on internet about window replacement and repair. I called them and they are ready to help and asked us to come halfway and they came halfway and we were taken to their place and the person repairing our car was so kind that he is explained why the glass has got broke and also told us some tips for our car.

He also mentioned that glass do not shatter for small cracks as it is summer and car was exposed to overheat the small crack has got much impact and got broken. He also mentioned that they make most glass replacements in summer and spring. From my point of you these people are well trained and experienced to solve the problems of car glass and I would suggest that you can use your services undoubtedly. Visit them at windshield replacement Logan Utah this one of the best place for your problems.